Help us celebrate 1000 issues of Green Left Weekly


This is the last issue of Green Left Weekly for the year. We are taking a break for a few weeks and the next issue will be out on January 22.

Early next year, GLW will be celebrating its 1000th issue. This is a huge milestone for an independent newspaper that does not rely on advertising to survive. Instead, it is the support of hundreds of people who write for, distribute and donate money to the paper year after year that keeps it going.

As part of the celebrations, we will be looking back at some of the big campaigns GLW has been involved in and reported on over the past 23 years.

We will also be holding special events in most capital cities so please keep an eye out for these, come along to help us celebrate and make sure GLW continues for another thousand issues.

Featured stories this issue:
We need to be as radical as reality to fight climate change
The case to re-nationalise Qantas
Abbott’s refugee policies: What to expect in the coming year