H-Day rally condemns nuclear industry


Hiroshima Day "is not just a day for commemoration, but a day for action", Nic Maclellan from the Nuclear Free Independent Pacific told a rally of around 200 people on August 5.

Lew Rice, Atomic Ex-Servicemen's Association ACT Inc representative and veteran of the atomic tests at Maralinga and Monte Bello in the 1950s, spoke of the sufferings of the ex-servicemen who became guinea pigs of the tests, and the Aboriginal people who were displaced and whose health was affected by the bomb tests.

Rebecca Bear-Wingfield, senior cultural woman of the Arabunna-Kokatha people of South Australia, and a participant in the Woomera 2002 camp, outlined the struggle of her people for land rights and cultural identity. She condemned the expansion of the uranium mining industry in SA and the Howard government's land grab in the Northern Territory.