Guatemala: human rights violations


Guatemala: human rights violations

MEXICO CITY — A total of 1516 human rights violations — an average of four every day — were committed in Guatemala in 1992, according to the latest annual report by the independent Human Rights Commission of Guatemala, released here on January 6.

The report by the Mexico City-based non-governmental human rights organisation states that 482 of these cases were extrajudicial executions and 381 assassination attempts.

In addition, there were 335 cases of arbitrary detention, 198 death threats, 83 bombardments of populated areas and 37 cases of kidnapping or forced "disappearance".

The document also highlights the fact that in 1992 "numerous attacks were launched by the government and the army against the press, the church, humanitarian organisations and human rights activists".

According to the report, "Given these conditions, it comes as no surprise that the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchu, has decided to temporarily deposit her award at an Aztec temple in Mexico, until [people's] lives are guaranteed and true democracy is established in Guatemala".
[From Inter Press Service/Pegasus.]