Greens contest most marginal seat


Greens contest most marginal seat

SYDNEY — The Greens in Lowe announced last week that they will be standing a candidate in NSW's most marginal seat in the federal elections.

Bruce Threlfo, the Greens candidate in two previous elections, will be contesting Lowe along with 10 other candidates — the highest number contesting any one seat in NSW. In both previous elections, the Greens in Lowe scored 4 to 5% of the vote.

Threlfo, a town planner, has lived and worked in the Lowe area for many years and was a founding member of the Greens.

"The main reason for running in these elections", said Threlfo, "is to put forward a real alternative to the politics of the major parties. The corporate cowboys of the 1980s may no longer be with us, but economic rationalism and a blind faith in the market are still the backbone of the platforms of both Labor and Liberal".

Threlfo pointed out that part of the Greens campaign will be to promote the theme of "jobs and the environment" as part of their alternative economic policy.

"In these times of economic recession, jobs and the environment are counterposed by some people. This is a false argument and is merely a means for pro-business interests to undermine the environmental movement."