Green Left Weekly Fighting Fund 2006: Serious political business


When Indigenous activist and socialist Sam Watson talks about "serious political business" he means just that.

Sam has issued an urgent call for action to demand justice for the brutal death in custody of 36-year-old Mulrunji in the Palm Island watch-house in November 2004 (see articles on this page and page 3) and Green Left Weekly is proud to support this call.

This case highlights the shocking conditions of Indigenous Australia. "The unemployment level on Palm is still 95%", explains Watson, "housing is still appalling, education, access to health is still Fourth World. This government needs to be held accountable for the way it has consistently under-funded and under-resourced Aboriginal communities like Palm Island."

Watson makes the point that Palm Island people can't do it by themselves. They need our support. "We are going to do some serious political business over the next period — whatever it takes — and we're looking to other groups across our community, other comrades, to stand with us and march with us."

Add your voice to the call for justice for the people of Palm Island by joining the rallies this week and beyond. Phone your direct support to Sam Watson at 0401 227 443.

Green Left Weekly is a campaigning newspaper. It is unashamedly partisan — on the side of the oppressed and the exploited. It is a political platform for the Sam Watsons of this world.

Green Left Weekly is kept alive by thousands of battlers. In the last two weeks, these battlers raised a serious $13,220 for the Green Left Weekly Fighting Fund, bringing the total raised so far this year to $147,104 or 59% of our all-year target of $250,000.

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