Government homophobia condemned


The action was in response to threats by federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock to have the governor-general disallow proposed ACT legislation on same-sex civil unions. In June 2006, the federal government disallowed an ACT bill on civil unions because it could have "undermined" the "institution of marriage".

A February 7 Canberra Times article reported that ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell had condemned Ruddock for "refusing to discuss the bill with [Corbell] before making his 'high-handed and arrogant' decision". The Times reported that the bill "aimed to allow same-sex couples to register their relationships and be granted certain rights under territory law immediately, without having to wait years to claim them."

Protesters were also angered by government plans to ban same-sex couples from adopting children overseas. The February 3 Melbourne Age reported that the government plans to "amend the Family Law Act 1975 to indicate that adoptions by same-sex couples of children from overseas under either bilateral or multilateral arrangements will not be recognised in Australia."

Simon Biber, co-convener of Sydney activist group Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH), said that "far from preventing the undermining of the institution of marriage, the federal government's actions [will] instead, ironically, undermine the progress of the institution of democracy in Australia, which should foster inclusion and diversity rather than ... marginalisation".


Dear Green Left

I am the original author of this Green left article. My name is comrade shelly frances kershaw (formerly Shelly Ann Dahl). I am a liberation theologian intersex asexual liberation theologian forgottten Australian born out of adultery and poverty. You have been recruiting me to Socialist Alliance, Resistance, the party, the protest groups and the progressive churches since the day I found you sitting in the corner of the UWS Student Association in January 2006. Who wouldn't be won over by a paper who is not afraid to publish the truth about Government bans on marriage equality, civil unions and proposed overseas bans on lgbtiqpsdga+ adoption? 

I had been elected the CAAH sydney co convenor for 2007 and the UWS cross campus queer officer for 2007 and a resistance western sydney exec member, a provisional DSP exec mber member and was a Socialist Alliance Activist. I had just finished party school and had post poned completing my communications degree at UWS because I didn't know if I was going to survive the coming year. 

We had won Motohar Hussain's freedom because CAAH Sydney at the time was the only protest group that fought to free lgbtiqpsdga+ refugees when governments and others didn't. 

  We knew the ban on overseas adoption was coming long before the Government proposed to do it but they didn't believe us until it happened. We knew were going to be crucified by Luke Fomiatti's for Queer Resistance organised protesting to stop voluntary student unionism and to stop course cuts long before Luke Fomiatti did it but they didn't believe us until it happened. 

A common problem that happened to Jesus and happens to us forgotten Australians, lgbtiqpsdga+ people, liberation theologians, people born out of adultery and poverty and survivors of institutionalised prejudice and abuses we don't get believed this injustice is happening and then cop the blame for doing something to stop it happening for God and our people. ​We revolutionaries know because we've been through the experience of the injustice before. That's why it's important to name the original authors of Green Left articles because you can't delete the voices of the truth of their bigotry bans that liberal and ALP governments and the betrayers want you to forget.

​God bless and love in struggle comrade Shelly+. 

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