Fix The Housing Emergency



11:30am Sunday 19 March


Parliament House
Cnr North Tce & King William St
Adelaide SA 5000


We face an emergency! Never has it been harder to find an affordable place to live.  Never have rents increased as rapidly. Never has there been such a shortage of public housing.  Never have renters felt more stressed.
Huge rents and huge rent rises add to the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades. The State Government has made only modest announcements. 569 new public homes by 2026 (when there are over 15,000 people on the waiting list). Banning rent-bidding (but only when solicited). And little else. Nothing about controlling massive rent rises. Modest announcements will not cut it, when we face an emergency.
We need dramatic action, to put people’s needs first:
  • An emergency rent-freeze to allow renters to catch their breath after years of enormous rises
  • A massive expansion of public housing: thousands of extra public homes, not hundreds: we need both the State Government and the Federal Government to lift their ambition
  • Ensuring all current public homes are able to house people
  • Greater rights for renters, including more secure leases, and better standards of heating and cooling
  • A vacancy tax on empty private homes
Join us outside Parliament, North Terrace, on Sunday March 19, 11:30am (1 year since the State Election), to call for urgent action on the housing emergency.
This rally will kick-off a Week of Action, which will include a mass letterboxing session in Elizabeth South, one of our most rent-stressed suburbs, immediately afterwards; a community BBQ; and engagements with MPs across the state.
Sunday the 19 March
  • Promote our rally, and join us outside Parliament
  • Immediately after the rally, join us in Elizabeth South, one of SA's most rent-stressed suburbs, for our letterboxing session
Throughout the week (Monday 20 to Friday 24 March):
  • Contact the Premier, Peter Malinauskas, tell them why we need urgent action on the housing emergency
  • Contact your local MP as well: visit their office, if you can (if you do, take a photo to send to us and post on social media)
  • If you are part of an organisation: encourage your supporters to do the same, and release a statement, backing our demands
Saturday the 25 March:
  • Join our Renters Community BBQ in Elizabeth South (11:30am, Ridley Reserve, 23 Judd St, Elizabeth South)