Film screening: Radiance of Resistance



7:00pm Thursday 12 April


Winner of Best Documentary at Respect Human Rights Festival in Belfast, Radiance of Résistance tells the story of Janna Ayyad 9 years' old, and Ahed Tamimi 14 years' old who have become global ambassadors for Palestinian human rights.

The film is an intimate look at their everyday lives and role as part of the new generation of Palestinian civil rights leaders. Janna and Ahed have gained international recognition for their creative resistance. Janna has been dubbed by The Guardian as the "youngest journalist in Palestine”. NBC News Press said: “West Bank Teen Ahed Tamimi Becomes Poster Child for Palestinian Plight”.

Ahed Tamimi, now 17 years' old, has generated international support as she is currently imprisoned awaiting trial by the Israeli government after being dragged from her home in a predawn raid in December 2017 because she stood up to Israeli Defence Force soldiers who invaded her home and shot her cousin.

Teachers Federation Auditorium,

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