Extravaganza for Radio Skidrow


Extravaganza for Radio Skidrow

SYDNEY — Radio Skid Row (88.9 FM) is presenting another of its fundraising extravaganzas on Saturday, November 2. Beginning at noon supporters of public radio and the alternative media will take control of Max's Petersham Inn to stage the "No Saints Day" celebration.

Two stages will operate simultaneously throughout the day and into the night. A special incentive for those who arrive early will be the special $5 Skidrow Margueritas and No Saints Daiquiris being served in the Oasis bar. There will be a BBQ and a vegetarian cafe as well. At 12.30pm, the special Skidrow Pool Competition will kick off.

Entertainment will include the Nu Mesons who will present the Krazy Skid Row Kamikaze Karioki (special prizes for those who continue the longest in the face calls to "get off!"). There will also be a Wordsports battle of the big mouths between rival radio teams from Triple J and 2SER.

Bands and performers donating their services for the bash will include Red Belly Blues, Wipe (), Red Ochre, Rufaro, Mathew and Mary from Even As We Speak, Peg, the Cannanes, Peter and John from Crow, and Pete and Reg.

The highlight will be appearances by three of the country's top singer songwriters — Dave Steel, Neil Murray and Kev Carmody — as well as Mixed Relations, the top Koori band.