Democratic Socialist candidate in Sydney's west


Democratic Socialist candidate in Sydney's west

SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Electoral League has announced that it is contesting the western suburbs electorate of Prospect. The Democratic Socialists will be fielding 36-year-old youth worker Sue Bull.

A qualified secondary school teacher and long-time trade union and peace activist, Bull has been employed as a community worker in Fairfield for past two years.

Prospect, which takes in the suburbs from Fairfield to Horsley Park in the west and Prospect to Canley Vale in the south, has a high proportion of unemployed and low waged residents, as well as a large percentage of people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

"It is an area of Sydney which has been hit particularly hard by the past ten years of Labor austerity programs and has even less to look forward to if the Liberals win these elections", said Bull.

"With serious pollution of the Prospect River, virtually no public transport, 20% unemployment, (triple that among young people) and all of the consequent problems of racism, domestic violence and so on, many people in the south-west are desperately searching for some alternative to the major parties in these elections. By giving people the opportunity to vote Democratic Socialist, we are taking a step towards building a broad progressive political alternative, an alternative that will put people's needs before business profits."