Defend Venezuela's revolution!

The outcome of the December 3 presidential election was a resounding endorsement of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution, and a rebuff of Washington and the right-wing opposition. Now, Venezuelans face the threat of violent attempts to destabilise the country by the US and the opposition. Chavez's government has already had to defeat a military coup and massive economic sabotage.

The US-backed opposition is still eager to rid the country of Chavez, and in the wake of its stunning electoral defeat its methods are not likely to respect the democratic decisions of the majority Venezuelans: coups, military intervention, street violence and assassination attempts are all dangers faced by the Venezuelan revolution in the election's aftermath.

Solidarity activists in the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network have planned emergency solidarity protests if the US or the opposition try to foment violence. Check the AVSN website () and the Green Left Weekly website () for protest details as well as more updates on Venezuela.