Covid 19, Racism & Migrant Workers’ Struggles



6:30pm to 8:30pm Tuesday 25 August


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Melbourne VIC 3000


Speakers include:
Srishiti Chatterjee - International Student & University of Melbourne Student Union Officer
Shafic - Migrant Worker & United Workers Union Member
Matt Kunkel - Director, Migrant Workers Centre

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Migrants and refugees on temporary visas form the backbone of the Australian workforce, often engaged in work considered to be unattractive and undesirable. For years these workers have experienced entrenched discrimination, exploitation and underpayment. Many employers flagrantly flout labour laws, comfortable in the assumption they will not be held to account.

COVID-19 has highlighted the precarity of many, that undermines the safety of all. Yet the Federal Coalition government has excluded migrant workers and casuals from JobKeeper. Many migrant workers and refugees are excluded even from JobSeeker. Casual workers still can't get sick leave.

Despite these formidable challenges, migrant workers and refugees have achieved an impressive level of self-organisation during the Covid 19 pandemic. Particularly in the United Workers Union, migrant workers across a range of industries have taken action in various ways. Migrant workers have bravely spoken out to the media about the occupational health and safety breaches against security guards in the hotel quarantine scandal. They have walked off the job to address Covid-19 risks on work sites. Refugees have been staging ongoing protests about the Covid 19 risks in the Mantra Hotel where they are detained.

This forum will discuss how we can fight the racism that is built into the structure of Australia’s workforce by the temporary visa system, and how we can fight for permanent jobs, workplace health and safety standards, pandemic leave and income support for all.

Join Stand Together Against Racism’s forum on Tuesday, 25th August 2020 at 6:30 pm via Zoom to hear from a range of speakers on this crisis.

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