An error in "Organising against NT waste dump plans" (GLW #692), should have said that Natalie Wasley from the Arid Lands Environment Centre is concerned about the implications of amendments to the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act (CRWMA), 2005. Wasley said that this is because, "it reduces the former rules of nomination to guidelines, allowing [Northern] Land Councils to nominate land for a Commonwealth dump irrespective of traditional owner and community opposition and concerns, and contrary to their usual, statutory obligations under the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act".

A error in "No safeguards for Australia's uranium exports" (GLW #692) said that, "As of October 7, eight NPT states had negotiated and ratified an AP [Additional Protocol]". It should have said: "As of October, 78 NPT states had negotiated and ratified an AP".