Community activist Paola Harvey to contest Keira

Paola Harvey. Photo: Annie Ross

Prominent queer rights and climate activist, Paola Harvey, will stand for the Socialist Alliance in the seat of Keira in the March 2011 NSW elections.

Harvey, a resident of Mount Keira and part-time student, is a founding member of Equal Love Wollongong, the organisation leading the struggle for marriage equality, and is a member of the Wollongong Climate Action Network (WCAN).

Also a member of Resistance, socialist youth organisation, she is involved in campaigns for youth rights, education and employment.

“NSW Labor has got to go”, said Harvey. “They keep pushing privatisation despite overwhelming opposition. Their continual scandals and corrupt conduct have destroyed trust, and the undemocratic Part 3A legislation has been used to run roughshod over communities.

“We need a community-based alternative to Labor and Liberal, one that puts the interests of ordinary people first.”

Harvey calls for society's wealth to be redistributed to ensure real rights for all, not just the rich.

"Health, education, employment and welfare are human rights”, she said. “We need to increase funding to our public schools and hospitals; and stop the sell-off of our public assets. Only with public investment can we fight unemployment in an organised way.”

Harvey stands for urgent action on climate change and against discrimination and prejudice.

Harvey said: “NSW should lead the way to a 100% renewable energy future by investing in a baseload, solar-thermal power station. It should also expand and improve public transport to help reduce carbon emissions.

"The Socialist Alliance stands for real equality, whether it’s equal pay for equal work, or marriage equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and intersex people. Through this election we’ll be campaigning to build on recent victories, such as the steps toward legalising same-sex adoption in NSW.

"Society’s assets are not for sale. We need a state government that puts community need ahead of corporate greed. Local communities need to take back the power — and the only way to do that is to fight for it.”

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