Commemoration of the Palestine Nakba

Perth & Fremantle


11:00am Saturday 28 May


Forrest Place
Perth WA 6000


74 years of our ongoing Nakba and 74 years of resistance! We need your voice to join ours for a vigil for Palestine. Let’s all expose Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. This is a vigil for Palestine, protesting the murder of Palestinians (and most recently Shirin Abu Akleh), the forced displacement of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and other parts of Palestine and the siege and repeated aggressions against Al- Aqsa Mosque and Gaza.
Please bring home made placards and/or a Palestinian flags if you have one. Placards will be provided and Palestinian flags will be available for purchase. Come with your families and friends to take part in this action and please don’t forget to SPREAD THE WORD, we’ll see you there, standing with Palestine is standing with humanity.