Change is on the agenda


Sounds like change

3CR radiothon

June 2-13

3CR — "Sounds like change" is the theme of this year's radiothon, a theme that will have resonance for all of us in a variety of ways.

For me, when I think of change I think of two major events that have changed the political landscape. The night of the 2007 federal election brought change that saw an end to the Howard government. There was a great sense in loungerooms, pubs and parties across the nation that change was in the air.

Then, on the morning of February 13, the nation came to a standstill and this time it wasn't for a horse race. People came together again in public squares, at work and in their homes to listen to the new federal government deliver the national apology to Indigenous Australians.

However, while we quite rightly celebrate a shift away from the repressive Howard era, it is worth remembering this — governments always change, new governments make small changes, but only community action achieves real and lasting change. At 3CR we continue to broadcast the community's ideas and vision for what our future could look like.

3CR has always been a vanguard, covering stories long before the mainstream media even considers the issues involved in a story or campaign. We are at the frontline of the debate, broadcasting from the unique perspective our grassroots access offers and telling the story from inside an event.

Here is just a taste:

Five Indigenous programs are broadcast at 3CR each week. When the PM made his apology to Indigenous Australians, 3CR broadcast the National Day of Apology and brought the voices assembled on the parliament house lawn to 3CR listeners.

As the mainstream media increasingly gave airspace to the "issue" of homelessness, 3CR broadcast Roominations, a program by and for rooming house residents and the homeless.

In March 2007, 12 months before our politicians started to talk of the global food crisis, 3CR recorded the entire fourth annual Australia City Farm and Community Gardens Network conference, featuring international food activist Vandana Shiva.

How do we manage to keep change in the air? Consider these statistics for a moment: 130 programs, over 400 broadcasters, 24 hours, 7 days a week — all on a budget of $600,000 per year. It costs us less than $80 per hour to produce unique and dissenting radio.

You make this change possible. 3CR is owned by you and we need you to subscribe and donate to 3CR. If you've never donated money to the station, please do it now and for those of you who donate regularly please consider donating more this year.

Our fundraising target is $210,000. We need every bit of this to stay on air (and webstreaming globally at

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