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A selection of the past fortnight's celebrity news...

John Farnham voted Australia’s best singer of all time - who didn't make the cut but should have? http://bit.ly/11e6w7d

Blood On The Dancefloor Discuss Jesus And Rape Alegations In New Song http://bit.ly/14IaDvA

Marilyn Manson The New Face Of Saint Laurent http://bit.ly/16qMcAT

Justin Bieber's Pet Monkey Seized By German Customs http://bit.ly/XRqjFe

Boston Police Posing As 'Punks' Online To Get Information And Shut Down House Shows http://bit.ly/16pC0Zt

BluesFest To Debut 'Boomerang' Indigenous Music Festival In October http://bit.ly/10dcHXG

David Lee Roth Insured His Penis Before Touring http://bit.ly/10d06Ut

50,000+ People Want Rick Ross' Reebok Deal Canned In New Petition http://bit.ly/14CVb3O

The Rolling Stones Being Paid 'A Tenth Of The Normal Price' For Glastonbury http://bit.ly/ZtfloL

Queer rights rapper Macklemore Struggles To Stay Sober Following Chart-Topping Success http://bit.ly/11TLoFT

Kraftwerk Banned From Performing In China http://bit.ly/ZEDSe4

Michelle Shocked Attempts to Explain Anti-Gay Rant: "I Admit I Made a Mistake" http://eonli.ne/104TU15

World's Most Expensive Shoes Cost Close to $500,000 http://eonli.ne/13OWjBO

Kate Middleton Trademarks Her Name for Charity http://eonli.ne/102S2WD

Chris Brown Will "Absolutely" Never Physically Assault Rihanna Again—but Do We Believe Him? http://eonli.ne/ZZB6Ab

Angelina Jolie Opens All-Girls School in Afghanistan, Vows Profits From Eponymous Jewelry Line to Fund More http://eonli.ne/ZZnwN9

Princess Diana Dressed as a Man to Go to a Gay Bar With Queen's Freddie Mercury, According to New Book http://eonli.ne/13MCSJY

Lady Gaga has a new wheelchair. It's Louis Vuitton! http://eonli.ne/107JKMG

Rick Ross Responds to Date-Rape Lyric Controversy, Petition Launched Demanding Reebok Drop Rapper as Spokesman http://eonli.ne/ZI3DKl

Michelle Shocked Stages Sit-In Protest Following Anti-Gay Rant Controversy, Covers Mouth With Duct Tape http://eonli.ne/ZHkZr1

Snoop Dogg Weighs In on Gay-Marriage Debate: "I Have No Issues With Nobody" http://eonli.ne/13Bws0d

Judge Judy's DA Son Denies Interfering in Child Rape Case Because of Personal Ties to Suspect http://eonli.ne/13yxwlA

Prince William Says There's "No Greater Feeling" Than His Rescue Helicopter Gig http://eonli.ne/13yeGuO

Beyoncé on #MarriageEquality: "If you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it" http://eonli.ne/WWxDC8

Madonna Reaches $1 Billion Net Worth http://eonli.ne/13xMt7g

Prince William May Be Out of a Job After U.S. Firm Takes Over RAF Search-and-Rescue Operations http://eonli.ne/Zxns7c

Tiger Woods Nike Ad: Shoe Giant Slammed for Sending "Awful" Message http://eonli.ne/13xvlPg

Justin Bieber Shares Depressed Selfie Before Neighbor Files Battery Charges—See the Pic http://eonli.ne/13wQWr1

Angelina Jolie Visits Congo Rescue Camp for Women During Trip to Africa http://eonli.ne/13uHeFu

The Whitlams Announce Greatest Hits Show with Melbourne Pops Orchestra http://bit.ly/YvxpFw

Paul McCartney - "Yoko Ono Cheesed Us Off" http://bit.ly/Yvui05

Jeff Tweedy Of Wilco Publishes Open Letter In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage http://bit.ly/10HJUvI

Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Says He's Not A Dick, New Song Feat. Lil Wayne Suggests Otherwise http://bit.ly/16Sy7NG

In Hearts Wake Announce Australian Tour, June 2013 http://bit.ly/Zm0c8P

Primal Scream Shed Light On 'More Light' - Release Date, Guest Artists & Track List http://bit.ly/ZlWVGv #morelight

The Ramones And Pink Floyd Enter US Congress http://bit.ly/ZgK6gq

Study Confirms Illegal Downloads Increase Music Sales http://bit.ly/WYjLtp

Yoko Ono Tweets Images Of Lennon's Blood-Spattered Glasses http://bit.ly/11pTmGu

Morrissey To Retire Due To Health Concerns? http://bit.ly/WPanau

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