Celebration of the life and work of Alan Roberts (1925-2017)


3:00pm to 6:00pm Saturday 3 February


At 3pm on February 3 at Gryphon Hall, Melbourne University, a range of speakers will reflect on the life and activity of Alan Roberts.

His life parallels and interacts with the major events of the past century - the consequences of WWI, the Great Depression, service in WWII, advances (beneficial and not) of science and technology - particularly nuclear physics, the peregrinations, advances and tragedies of the Left (Alan was variously in the Communist Party, the Fourth International's Pablo tendency, the Labour party and the Greens), the emergence of feminism and a counter-culture, the advent of ecological consciousness and the long struggle against the nuclear menace.

There will be reference too to his dogs, his magic tricks, his wit,his friendships, his tennis and much else. Light refreshments, drinks and a photo show will round out the event.

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