Broad Left relaunches online in Wollongong


After a long hiatus, the Broad Left Collective has reformed in Wollongong.

Broad Left played a valuable role in circulating left and progressive news in the Illawarra community from its inception in 1987 until its dissolution over the course of 2002-3.

At a meeting held in June this year to discuss reforming the collective it was agreed that Broad Left could continue to play a valuable role in linking up left and progressive people and groups across the Illawarra.

We are all too unaware of how much is going on even in our local community. Broad Left hopes to contribute to a vibrant left movement by improving the flow of information within the community.

The former Broad Left newsletter was a print publication that was time-consuming and costly to produce. These difficulties contributed to the demise of the original newsletter. It is hoped the new online format will help it avoid such problems. It intends to use the power of the internet to attract new readers and contributors to the project.

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