On the box


Message Stick – The Deadly Yarns two-part series showcases the work of Western Australian Indigenous writers, directors and producers. ABC1, Friday, September 11, 6pm.

The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer – J. Robert Oppenheimer was one of the most celebrated scientists of his generation and was, in effect, put on trial for being a communist. SBS1, Friday, September 11, 8.30pm.

Black Music: An American (R)evolution – the story of African American music and the civil rights movement from slavery to Barack Obama's nomination as presidential candidate. SBS1, Saturday September 12, 1pm

Street Soccer Zimbabwe – The team battled homelessness, separation from family, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, food shortages and a life of hopelessness to represent Zimbabwe at the sixth annual Homeless World Cup in Melbourne. SBS1, Saturday September 12, 6pm.

Dateline – Mark Davis films the reactions of the people of East Timor as the movie Balibo is taken on a tour of that country. SBS1, Sunday, September 13, 8.30pm.

A Good Life: According To Peter Singer – Australian philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer talks about alleviating world poverty, the subject of his latest book The Life You Can Save. ABC1, Sunday, September 13, 10pm.

Sisters in Law — A look at the work of a legal department in a small town in Cameroon, whose staff intervene on behalf of abused women and children. SBS1, Monday September 14, 12.05am.

Living Black –- Travels to Canada to meet Aboriginal people struggling to deal with Hepatitis C. SBS1, Monday, September 14, 6pm.

About Women – Girls and young women discuss body image, the onset of menstruation, friendship and finding their place among their peers. SBS1, Wednesday, September 16, 8.30pm.

World's Greenest Homes – Looks at one of the largest eco-homes in the US; an underground energy-efficient house in Cheltenham. ABC1, Thursday, September 17, 6pm.

Robert F. Kennedy – Argues that Kennedy identified with the suffering of other Americans (Blacks, Latinos, Indians, the poor) and shows how he came to be seen as a man of the people. SBS2, Thursday, September 17, 7.30pm.