On the box


NAISDA Dreaming — Follows a group of young Indigenous dance students as their classroom is moved from urban studios to the bush and red earth of a remote homeland in northeast Arnhem Land. ABC, Sunday, November 16, 1.30pm.

Haditha: The Rules of Engagement — Reveals what happened in Haditha, Iraq, where 24 of the town's residents were killed by US forces. SBS, Monday, November 17, 1.30pm.

Rendezvous with Death: Kennedy and Castro — Argues that Lee Harvey Oswald was a weapon-for-hire in the ultimate round of a deadly duel between John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and Fidel Castro. SBS, Monday, November 17, 2.30pm.

The Howard Years — Examines John Howard's government and the legacy of his time in office. ABC, Monday, November 17, 8.30pm.

The Price of Sugar — In the Dominican Republic, tourists flock to pristine beaches unaware that a few miles away thousands of dispossessed Haitians toil under armed-guard on plantations harvesting sugarcane, much of which ends up in US kitchens. SBS, Tuesday, November 18, 8.30pm.

Manda Bala — Creates a harrowing, examination of the political corruption existing in Brazil, including interviews with kidnappers and kidnap victims. SBS, Tuesday November 18, 10.05pm.

Cooking in the Danger Zone: Venezuela — Stefan Gates travels to Venezuela in the midst of a revolution led by socialist President Hugo Chavez. SBS, Wednesday, November 19, 8pm.

A Well-founded Fear — Every year, thousands of people flee their homelands to escape war and persecution. The people who make it to Australia end up in detention centres, while their claims for asylum are processed. SBS, Wednesday, November 19, 8.30pm.

NEWStopia — Shaun Micallef anchors this half-hour satirical news program, peppered with cultish on-air promos for non-existent shows. SBS, Wednesday, November 19, 10pm.

Nurse Maggie — The story of an Australian nurse struggling to find her own sense of identity and self-worth through looking after other people who, like her, are battling to overcome massive social and emotional obstacles in India. SBS, Thursday, November 20, 2.25pm.