On the box


Five Days In August - Tracks the key events of the Israeli partial disengagement of the Gaza strip in August 2005. SBS, Friday, August 1, 1pm.

Sights Unseen - Aboriginal photographer Michael Riley was determined to bring together a solid Aboriginal arts movement before his death. ABC, Friday, August 1, 6pm.

Full Cover Girl - Jinan Al-Ubaidy, a member of the new Iraqi Parliament is a devout Shia Muslim and supports strict Islamic law, which according to her opponents would turn back the clock on women's rights. SBS, Monday, August 4, 1.30pm.

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton - Guest are the President of East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta, who has just recovered from an assassination attempt; and lawyer and community leader Waleed Aly. ABC, Monday, August 4, 9.35pm.

Oil On Ice - Details the battle to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the world's last true wilderness sites, that is being threatened by a push to allow oil exploration within its boundaries. ABC, Monday, August 4, 11.35pm.

The Boys of Baraka - Reveals the human face of a tragic statistic - 61% of Baltimore's African-American boys fail to graduate from high school; 50% of them go on to jail. SBS, Tuesday, August 5, 10.05pm.

mY Generation: Electioneering - Every year at universities across Australia, a small handful of student politicians gear up for what they believe to be the most important week of the year - election week. SBS, Wednesday, August 6, 8pm.

Vietnam Minefield - Details the wartime disaster that remains unacknowledged in Australian military history - the construction of probably the largest minefield ever laid in south-east Asia, which was ordered by an Australian officer. SBS, Thursday, August 7, 1.10am.