On the box


Vote Yes for Aborigines — While many people believe that the 1967 referendum gave Aborigines the right to vote, it in fact removed two sections of the constitution which discriminated against Aborigines. SBS, Sunday, May 27, 8.30pm.

The Tracker — Set in the Australian outback in 1922, this is a story about four men in pursuit of an Aboriginal man accused of the murder of a white woman. SBS, Sunday, May 27, 9.30pm.

Cutting Edge: How To Plan A Revolution — Follows two young political activists who are hoping to stage a peaceful revolution to overthrow Azerbaijan's authoritarian government. SBS, Monday, May 28, 1.30pm.

Message Stick: Jackie — For the last six years, Jackie Huggins has been the national face and co-chairwoman of Reconciliation Australia. ABC, Monday, May 28, 6pm.

Talking Heads: Peter Singer — Interviews controversial ethicist Peter Singer. ABC, Monday May 28, 6.30pm.

Cutting Edge: The Anti-Americans — Compares and contrasts attitudes towards the US in three major European societies: Britain, France and Poland. SBS Tuesday May 29, 8.30pm

Black Chicks Talking — Leah Purcell takes us into contemporary Aboriginal Australia for an examination of what it means to be black in Australia today. SBS, Wednesday, May 30, 1.05am.

Keep Safe — According to this program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are three times more likely to die from injury than other Australians. SBS, Thursday, May 31, 3.30pm.