Block The Bill #NoPhonesNoLife

Perth & Fremantle


12:00pm Tuesday 29 September
5:16pm Friday 25 September


Department of Immigration and Citizenship
836 Wellington St
Perth WA 6000


The Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton is again trying to gain powers to remove mobile phones from people held in immigration detention centres which would obstruct asylum seekers from being able to contact lawyers, family and social supports as well as reporting on abuse within the centres.

“They are going to confiscate our phones and that will disconnect us from our family and friends and limit our legal support. We have been separated from humanity, from our family, from our loved ones. They are trying to take our identities away further by taking our phones. With no other stimulation in this prison, our phones are a lifeline, we need them” Moz (Freedom fighter and asylum seeker imprisoned in Australia’s immigration detention system)

Join RRAN outside the Immigration Department to protest this move by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge to silence people who speak out against their abuses.