Apollo Bay: Community Civil Disobedience Training

Apollo Bay


4:00pm Friday 31 January
8:08pm Tuesday 21 January


Join us for our one-day Community Civil Disobedience training session designed to clarify what Civil Disobedience and NonViolent Direct Action are, why we do it and how to make it work.

IS THIS SESSION FOR YOU? If you have been to a local XR talk "Heading for Extinction and What to do About it" or have watched a talk like Extinction Rebellion Oxford Talk and are ready to get involved in mass civil disruption then this session is definitely for you!

The session aims to empower individuals and groups by allowing everyone the time, space and experience to feel comfortable with taking part in acts of civil disobedience, and to understand your rights, roles and responsibilities during actions. It's are also a great opportunity to meet other rebels, build community and even form affinity groups to take further action.

If you are ready to get active please RSVP here and get ready for actions big and small. Places are limited so please sign up ONLY if you are committed to attending.

The local group is footing the bill for the venue so would like to ask that people attending please contribute a small donation to help cover the cost.
Thank you!

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