Afghan war kills three kids a day


Children are the biggest victims of the war in Afghanistan, a January 6 AFP article said. It quoted an Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) report, which said more than 1050 people under 18 years of age were killed in 2009 alone.

"At least three children were killed in war-related incidents every day in 2009 and many others suffered in diverse but mostly unreported ways", ARM director Ajmal Samadi said.

The report said 64% of all violent child deaths last year occurred at the hands of Taliban-linked militants.

Also, AFP said: "Children were … press-ganged, sexually exploited, deprived of health and education, and illegally detained by all sides in a war that is dragging into its ninth year since the US-led invasion toppled the Taliban regime."

AFP said reports that "foreign forces killed eight students in Kunar province on December 26 caused widespread outrage, including US flag-burning demonstrations in two cities".

It said: "A government investigation found the teenagers were unarmed and killed in cold blood, while Western military sources said the group were armed, opened fire at foreign and Afghan forces, and were killed in self-defence."