Activists protest on apology anniversary at NSW Parliament

A protest outside NSW Parliament on February 9 on the 10th anniversary of the national apology from former PM Kevin Rudd.

A group of activists from Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) and the Socialist Alliance gathered in front of NSW Parliament on February 9 to protest on the 10th anniversary of the national apology from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Aboriginal members of the Stolen Generations from Kinchela House in NSW attended a formal breakfast with Rudd. One of the protesters, Ken Canning, was a member of the Stolen Generations.

Although Rudd offered this apology for past abuses, no compensation was ever offered to the thousands of victims. Since the apology, Australian welfare agencies have forcibly removed more Aboriginal children from their families than ever before.

Nothing has changed in 10 years: the gap in health, education and life span of Aboriginal people has worsened since Rudd’s apology.

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