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Art Resistance TV, DVD Edition 17

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Program 1: Cambodia — Community Focus
In 2004, Cambodian sex workers campaigned against a multinational pharmaceutical company carrying out drug testing on them. The program was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and run by international and local NGOs. Sam Vuthy, director of Agenda for Change, talks about the campaign by the the Women's Network for Unity, the sex workers' union, which was key to the success of the campaign. Two ARTV documentaries show the sixth anniversary celebrations of the WNU in June 2006 and a school program for the children of sex workers who cannot afford to go to school.

Program 2: War, Terror and Civil Liberties
Talks by Rob Stary, the lawyer for Jack Thomas and the 13 men arrested on "terror" charges in Melbourne; Rawan Abdul-Nabi, from the Arab Students Association; and Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association speaking on the outcome of the Jack Thomas case and the media vilification of Thomas despite the case against him being dropped. Looks at the use of the current "anti-terrorism" laws by the government to whip up fear of an attack by terrorists.

Program 3: School Reporting Practices — Community Focus
Community Focus takes a look at student reporting, with the government proposing an A-E grading system for primary and high-school students. In the studio are high-school principal Judy King and teacher Silvia Kinder to discuss the implications of the grading system on students and their education.

Rally to Stop the Bombing of Lebanon and Palestine by Israel
This is a short documentary produced by ARTV of the second rally held in Sydney in response to the war being waged on Lebanon and Palestine by Israel.