Abortion debated in Hobart


Abortion debated in Hobart

HOBART — The abortion issue in Tasmania flared up again two weeks ago when a Right to Life organisation organised a talk and video on Tasmania University campus.

The video was interrupted by protesters who unfurled a banner declaring, "Abortion, it's a woman's right to choose". They stood up on their seats and chanted pro-choice slogans. Heated discussion followed, with the Right to Life spokesperson calling the pro-choice activists "bad-mannered tarts".

A coalition was formed that day to organise the showing of a pro-choice video, Abortion for survival. The coalition involves the Tasmania University Union Women's Committee, Women's Action Group and Resistance. More than 40 people attended that showing a week later, which again sparked debate.

The student union then organised a "Politics in the Uni Bar" for the following week, and invited a member of the Human Life Protection Society to debate a Resistance member on the issue of the right to choose.

The evening was attended by about 80 people. The majority of the audience was pro-choice, and concern was expressed by many that Tasmania still has no free-standing abortion clinic.

Abortion in Tasmania is difficult to get. Most women are forced to find the money to fly to Melbourne to exercise their right to choose. These recent meetings show the strong support there is for abortion on demand.