A flavour for the trans-inclusive, sex worker inclusive International Working Women's Day march in Brisbane 9 March 2019.

Fix NSW rally leads off this week’s Activist Report along with the latest feminist, environment and refugee protests.

Solidarity actions with Venezuela, Sydney’s energetic Don’t Kill Live Music rally and the latest from the Stop Adani campaign are all in this week’s Activist Report.

The Stop Adani campaigns leads off this activist report which included the latest Aboriginal rights protests, International solidarity campaigns, the Stop WestCONnex campaign and more.

The stop Adani campaign, water for Walgett and refugee rights are all in this weeks Activist Report.

Solidarity protests with Venezuela feature in this week’s activist report along with the coverage of a Sudanese protest in Perth and the latest from the save Hakeem campaign.

The massive Invasion Day marches feature in this week’s activist report along with the latest from the refugee rights campaign and international solidarity with Venezuela

Gilets jaunes: Acte I to Acte IX Sam Wainwright (who has just completed an honours thesis titled "Crisis and Renewal in the French left) speaks about the Yellow Vest movement in France at the Socialist Alliance summer school on January 16. Sam Wainwright is a member of the Fremantle Council and...

Sucheta De is a former Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Student Union President and current President of the All India Students Association (AISA).

She spoke to Green Left Weekly in April, 2018 about the reactionary policies of the Modi government against women, students and the poor....