A huge day of civil disobedience in Brisbane achieved its goal of disrupting business as usual to highlight the need for urgent climate action. This video includes the voices of some of those who took part.

Rallies calling on GHD to cut ties with Adani, abortion rights, remembering the Yazidi Genocide, Hiroshima day, protesting against religious discrimination and United for Colombia calling for an end to the killings of social leaders make up this week’s this Activist Report.

An August 1 protest outside the Brisbane headquarters of GHD Engineering — the company planning to build Adani's mine. Protesters called on the company to terminate its connection with Adani. They also promised to repeat their protests and disruption if GHD continues with the climate-destroying...

Dr Lisa Natividad is a Chamorro woman, activist and academic from Guam (Guahan), a Pacific island nation that the US continues to occupy, deny full democracy and self-determination because it is the site of massive complex of US military bases. She spoke to Green Left's...

A huge solidarity demonstration in Brisbane on July 27 expressed solidarity with Hong Kong democracy protests.

The key demands were: complete withdrawal of the Hong Kong extradition bill; for the Hong...

Rallies in solidarity with Venezuela and free speech protests are in this week’s Activist Report.

Six years too long refugee rights rallies features in this week’s Activist Report along with the latest from women’s rights and environmental campaigns.

Stop cities to Stop Adani protests feature in this week’s Activist Report along with the latest worker’s rights and international solidarity protests.

Defend media freedom features in this Activist Report along with solidarity with Sudan actions and the latest from the Stop Adani campaign.