The primary approvals for the Adani coal mine have already been issued some time ago by the Queensland government according to Queensland Greens MP Michael Berkman. The government is now dealing with the subordinate...

The global climate strike is featured in this week’s Activist Report along with national Sorry Day and Justice for Palestine protests

Fremantle City Councillor and Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Fremantle, Sam Wainwright, addresses the reasons for Labor's loss of the 2019 federal election. Was Labor too ambitious? Was the electorate to blame? What about Clive Palmer's scare campaign? It follows on from Wainwright...

Justice for Palestine protests calling for a boycott of Eurovision and the #HomeToBilo campaign against the deportation of a Tamil family are in this week's Activist Report.

Young Sudanese activists in Perth share their views on the ongoing protests in Sudan and what should come next.

Palestinian solidarity actions for Nakba, stop CSG and refiuge rights actions are all in this report.

This week’s activist report looks at the latest inspiring School Strike 4 Climate protests and the May Day marches.

This powerful poem was dilivered by Parker at the May 3 #SchoolStrike action in Brisbane outside Liberal MP Trevor Evans' electorate office.

* * *

I’m standing here to make some changes
I’m going around now to see people’s behaviours

I’m a climate fighter to change the...

Thousands of people rallying for refugee rights at Palm Sunday feature in this week’s activist report along with the latest round of Change the Rules rallies, the Stop Adani campaign and LGBTI activism.