Union struggles and international solidarity make up this weeks Activist Report.

Protests continue in Sudan, calling for the Al Bashir regime to fall. On April 6, the anniversary of the 1985 revolution, solidarity protests were held around the world, as the Sudanese people called on the army to support them in their struggle for peace, justice and freedom.


A reportback session from a recent fact-finding mission to Venezuela, featuring Green Left Weekly journalist Federico Fuentes, was held on April 7.

Fuentes took part in the two-week tour to...

Climate change activism, Palestinian solidarity and LGBTI rights are all in this week’s Activist Report.

Anti-Islamophobia protests and Sudanese solidarity actions are in this week’s Activist Report.

The School Strike 4 Climate features in this week’s Activist Report along with coverages of the latest protests in Australia.

"We’re taught in schools about the issues we have to take action for. This is what we’re doing, we’re taking action for those issues."

Tens of thousands of people join Sydney’s School Strike 4 Climate to demand a safe climate future.

International Women’s Day marches lead this week’s Activist Report along with the latest from the refugee rights campaign and union struggles.

A flavour for the trans-inclusive, sex worker inclusive International Working Women's Day march in Brisbane 9 March 2019.

Fix NSW rally leads off this week’s Activist Report along with the latest feminist, environment and refugee protests.