Palestinian solidarity actions for Nakba, stop CSG and refiuge rights actions are all in this report.

This week’s activist report looks at the latest inspiring School Strike 4 Climate protests and the May Day marches.

This powerful poem was dilivered by Parker at the May 3 #SchoolStrike action in Brisbane outside Liberal MP Trevor Evans' electorate office.

* * *

I’m standing here to make some changes
I’m going around now to see people’s behaviours

I’m a climate fighter to...

Thousands of people rallying for refugee rights at Palm Sunday feature in this week’s activist report along with the latest round of Change the Rules rallies, the Stop Adani campaign and LGBTI activism.

Aran Mylvaganam from the Tamil Refugee Council speaking at the Brisbane Palm Sunday rally 14 April 2019.

Union struggles and international solidarity make up this weeks Activist Report.

Protests continue in Sudan, calling for the Al Bashir regime to fall. On April 6, the anniversary of the 1985 revolution, solidarity protests were held around the world, as the Sudanese people called on the army to support them in their struggle for peace, justice and freedom.


A reportback session from a recent fact-finding mission to Venezuela, featuring Green Left Weekly journalist Federico Fuentes, was held on April 7.

Fuentes took part in the two-week tour to...

Climate change activism, Palestinian solidarity and LGBTI rights are all in this week’s Activist Report.

Anti-Islamophobia protests and Sudanese solidarity actions are in this week’s Activist Report.