Lots of environmental campaigns are covered in this week’s Activist Report along with the latest union, feminist, refugee and anti-fascist actions.

The protests against new Prime Minister Scott Morrison feature in this packed Activist Report along with Kurdish and Rhoyinga protests, the Alcoa workers picket lines, the latest stop Adani actions and more.

The campaign for travel concessions for International students in NSW is featured along with protests for public housing, funding for mental health services in Victoria, the latest anti-racist protests and more.

Protests demanding an end to sexual violence on campus and the killing of human rights activists in Colombia feature in this week’s Activist Report along with the latest Stop Adani actions and a look at the ongoing refugee rights protests in Balikpapan detention centre in Indonesia.

Anti-racist protests outside Channel 7's studio in Melbourne over their racist "African gangs" coverage and in Sydney in response to a far-right driven rally for "white South African farmers" feature alongside solidarity protests in support of Timor Leste and Iraqi activists and more.

The #FiveYearsTooLong refugee rights rallies are featured in this week's Activist Report which also covers abortion rights, union activism, anti-facist...

NAIDOC march, Uproot the System disruptive protests, Save the ABC rallies and a stop Aboriginal Deaths in Custody protest all feature in this week’s Activist Report which ends with a look at the protests against Trump in London.

We start looking at the redline actions against coal that happened across the country and finish with union struggles and protests outside the NSW state Labor conference.



From thousands of people coming out to vigils for Eurydice to refugee and Aboriginal rights actions check out our latest activist report on the weeks protests in Australia.

Eurydice Dixon, a young woman comedian, was sexually assaulted and murdered on her way home from a gig in Melbourne. On June 18, more than 10,000 people gathered for a vigil in Princess Park where her body was found. Sue Bolton, a Socialist Alliance Moreland city councillor and a candidate for...