Protests mark second anniversary of Burma/Myanmar coup

Two days of protests outside the Myanmar Embassy in Canberra, Australia's national capital, marked the second anniversary of the military coup in Burma/Myanmar. The first day of protest was on January 30 and the second on February 1.

More than 2800 civilians have been killed since the coup, 1674 have been arrested and 1.2 million people displaced by military attacks on communities.

Protestors chained themselves to the gate of the embassy in the first protest and the second protest was addressed by the Australian representative of the opposition National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar Tun Aung Shwe.

The NUG representative explained that despite severe ongoing repression mass peaceful protests were still taking place in Myanmar. However, the opposition had also been forced to arm itself in self defence while organising a popular alternative government.

"As of today, the NUG has set up town administrations in 200 out of 330 townships," he told the protest.