The strike of musicians at the San Francisco Symphony has already had an immediate impact on the institution.

Only a few days after walking out, management called off a large East Coast tour. For the Symphony, which has posted a deficit for each of the past four seasons, this will hurt.

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John Farnham voted Australia’s best singer of all time - who didn't make the cut but should have?

Blood On The Dancefloor Discuss Jesus And Rape Alegations In New Song

Marilyn Manson The New Face Of Saint Laurent

Justin Bieber's Pet Monkey Seized By German Customs

Boston Police Posing As 'Punks' Online To Get Information And Shut Down House Shows

Efforts And Means
Jump Start Records, 2012

Austrian hardcore punks Astpai jack up heavy slabs of guitar with speeding snares and leering lyrics. They serve up a rare and biting musical take on Austrian politics. Green Left’s Mat Ward spoke to frontman Manfred Herzog, also known as Zock.


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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Urges Fellow Musicians To Ditch Israel

Lostprophets Frontman "Furiously Denies" Baby Rape Charges

Chinese Political Activist Ai Weiwei Is Making...A Metal Album?

Village Voice Name Lars Ulrich As The "Douchiest Drummer Of All Time"

Ailing Morrissey Cancels Entire US Tour, Shows Won't Be Rescheduled

UK Subs
Captain Oi
February 2013

Punk pioneers UK Subs released their 24th politically-charged album last month, to rave reviews. Appropriately titled XXIV, it nears the completion of their bid to release 26 albums whose titles begin with each letter of the alphabet, in order. Frontman Charlie Harper spoke to Green Left's Mat Ward.


Tell us about your experiences of playing Australia - any memories that stick out?

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Lady Gaga Recovers From Hip Surgery in Gold Wheelchair

Fifty Shades of Grey Porn Film Lawsuit Settled

Giuliana Rancic Teams Up With Nonprofit Bright Pink for Fab-U-Wish™ Initiative to Help Women Battling Breast cancer

That Taylor Swift Fan Letter You Spent Hours Glitter-Gluing? Well, It Ended Up in the Trash!

Rihanna gets naked for a good cause

Work Like Chavez
Rebel Diaz and Agent Of Change
Released March 9, 2013

For revolutionary rappers Rebel Diaz, the death of Hugo Chavez on March 5 came as a double blow.

The Venezuelan leader had helped the Chilean hip-hop duo set up their community arts and resistance centre in New York's South Bronx after he visited the area eight years ago.

A selection of this week's celebrity news...

Frenzal Rhomb frontman Jay Whalley reveals pig tapeworm egg infected his brain

Madonna, Bruce Springsteen Lead Billboard's 2013 Top 40 Money Makers

Sean Penn Mourns Death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Edward Furlong Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Violating Probation for battery

Anderson Cooper on First Strip Club Visit: I Was Talking to the Ladies About Their Shoes

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Kate Middleton's Family Bails Out Brother James From Cake Business Debt

Oscar Pistorius Plans Memorial Service for Reeva Steenkamp While on Bail for Premeditated Murder Charges

Alec Baldwin Smacks Down Racial Slur Allegations on Late Show With David Letterman

Zero Dark Thirty Torture Controversy: Senate Committee Drops Investigation

Michelle Obama's Oscar Dress Photoshopped by Iranian Media

Watch Me
Sam Khan

At the age of 23, British Muslim rapper Sam Khan was the CEO of his own company, a clothing range, website and a record label called Be Somebody. Three years on, he has launched The B Somebody Project to raise funds for orphans in Gaza. The project follows in the fundraising footsteps of previous music he has done for Pakistani flood victims. Green Left's Mat Ward spoke to him.



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