Feminism; IWD

The split in the grassroots women’s liberation movement was on display when two rallies to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) were held on March 9. Each attracted around 100 people.

Sibylle Kaczorek, a member of Socialist Alliance and the Left Party, addressed the International Women's day rally in Berlin on behalf of Stand Up Against Racism (Aufstehen gegen Rassismus).

Participants in the 1978 Brisbane IWD rally led the march

Over 300 people took part in the Brisbane/Meanjin International Women's Day rally and march at Emma Miller Place on March 10.

#\metoo has provided a political space for womem today to speak out against misogyny and sexism and a source of empowerment for all womaen. This public forum hosted by Socialist Alliance in celebration of \internatioanl Women's Day features a panel speakers discussing how we can fight against misogyny and sexim today.


Sarah Hathway (union worker, co-convenor of Socialist Alliance, Geelong)

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