Deaths in Custody

Fourteen long years after young TJ Hickey was chased to his death in Waterloo, his family and the Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) organised a moving rally in Waterloo, along the fence line where the young Kamilaroi man was killed.

Photos from the Justice for TJ Hickey rally on February 14.

The rally called for parliament to Re-open the inquiry into TJ Hickey's death.

TJ Hickey was killed in a police chase whilst ridding his bike in Waterloo.

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For almost 14 years we have repeated the same sad story of the death of TJ Hickey.

The young Kamilaroi man was happily riding his bike in Waterloo on February 14, 2004, totally unaware of the tragedy that was to come. A police car driven by then Constable Hollingsworth, started to pursue him. On the corner of Phillip and George streets, a police vehicle hit the bike and TJ was catapulted and impaled on the spiked iron fence.

TJ Hickey Park, cnr George & Phillip St, Waterloo for march to NSW Parliament
For almost 14 years, the Hickey family and the Indigenous Social Justice Association has been demanding the reopening of the Coronial Inquiry into the killing of then 16-year-old TJ during a police pursuit. for almost 14 years. They have had meetings with one Attorney General, two Aboriginal Affairs ministers, sent letters to three premiers, few police ministers, rallied to NSW Parliament House almost 10 times and present petitions, but all to no avail.

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