Rural Fire Service volunteer Robynne Murphy, who has been on the bushfire frontline since November on behalf of her local community on the NSW south coast, told Green Left: "I want this government brought down because they have no solutions".

While political elites would have us believe that everything is under control, a political shift is taking place as a result of the bushfire emergency and lack of preparation by state and federal governments, writes Pip Hinman.

The dire lack of government leadership over the New Year bushfire crisis contrasted strongly with the incredible community solidarity and self-organising that took place on the ground. If there is a silver lining to the bush fire catastrophe, it is this community power, which prevented more death and destruction.

Out of control emergency bushfires are sweeping across the state - destroying thousands of hectares, houses, and lives.

These fires, heatwaves, and droughts are not just unprecedented - they're the direct result of decades of climate destruction at the hands of fossil fuel loving politicians.

Australia's climate is changing and as a result we're seeing drier and hotter conditions. The windows of opportunity to safely carry out fuel reduction via back burning are closing, which has led us to the bushfire disaster we are seeing this summer.

Bushfires, corporate greed and climate; A crisis of capitalism. Speakers: Shaun MacDonald, firefighter; Pip Hinman, Socialist Alliance. Resistance Centre, 22 Mountain St, Ultimo. Entry by donation $3/$5. Cheap tasty meal available from 6pm.

Location: 141 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle

A fundraiser raising funds for fire relief for First Nations communities and wild life rescue. This will be a one night event full of music, poetry and art.

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