Peter Boyle, a member of the national executive of the Socialist Alliance and regular correspondent for Green Left addressed a forum on December 6 at the Resistance Centre on the topic: "What is behind US support for Israel?"

The forum discussed the Australian government's support for Israel and its complicity in Israel's genocidal war on Gaza.

Alex Bainbridge spoke with Socialist Alliance member Sam Wainwright about the successful community pickets at the Port of Fremantle.

Millions are asking why 75 years of Palestinian dispossession and experience of racist-fuelled violence has been allowed to climax in these mass murders in Gaza? Something can be done, argues Stuart Rees.

As part of AUKUS, United States and Britain will be exempt from Labor's new rules governing weapons' manufacturing and sales. Binoy Kampmark reports.

Labor has been criticised for refusing to implement some critical recommendations which would help welfare recipients and make it harder to ever implement a Robodebt scheme again. Josh Adams reports.

Union leader Christy Cain called on Labor and ACTU leaders to work for a ceasefire at the Palestine solidarity rally.

Voluntary Assisted Dying is a now legal end-of-life option in New South Wales, however some people still face discrimination. Suzanne James reports.

Labor’s reaction to the High Court ruling that indefinite detention is unlawful underscores its continuing racist scapegoating of refugees, argues Jonathan Strauss.

Why has Australia acted in lock step with the United States in supporting Israel’s latest genocidal war on Gaza? Peter Boyle argues it's about more than oil; imperial interests include the protection of wider political domination.

There was no better example of a politicised public service than Mike Pezzullo, its former Home Affairs Secretary, writes Binoy Kampmark.

Our contribution to peace with justice in Palestine is to build an anti-apartheid campaign that is every bit as loud, creative and persistent as the one that existed in the 1980s, says Janet Parker from the newly-formed Jews for a Free Palestine.

Look behind the newly converted whale-loving type and there is likely to be an avid fossil-fuel lobbyist, or someone advocating the merits of nuclear energy, as Binoy Kampmark reports.