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Noam Chomsky: Israel has made Gaza a giant prison

Renowned Jewish-American academic and author Noam Chomsky visited the Gaza Strip over October 25-30. The article below, on the suffering of the Gazan people, is areprinted from

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GREEN LEFT REPORT #6: Tamils, equal marriage, Carlo Sands and more

Special guests Bashana Abeywardane from Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka, Karl Hand from Community Action Against Homophobia, plus Carlo Sands takes on Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer!

Activist news features 5 anti-coal protests, Victoria's massive teachers strike, protests against Julia Gillard and Julia Bishop, Dr Brian Senewiratne on the Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka and more.

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GREEN LEFT REPORT #7: Anti-Muslim hysteria, CSG, Carlo Sand + more

This show has a special focus on Islamophobia, including interviews with Mohamad Tabbaa who researches anti-Muslim discrimination, and Muslim community activist Rebecca Kaye.

Also with Jess Moore from Stop CSG Illawarra, plus activist news on WikiLeaks, the Aboriginal Passport Ceremony, Ilan Pappe, and protesting Lynas.

Finally Carlo Sands discusses the civilised world and 'savages', Iran and female ninja assassins.

Corporate land grabs worsen global hunger

The people of the west African nation of Guinea suffer high rates of poverty and malnutrition. In some of Guinea’s regions, more than 40% of people are food insecure.

Yet overseas investors have bought 100,000 hectares of land in Guinea to grow soy and corn for export and biofuel production. A further 1.5 million hectares of Guinea’s farmland will soon be up for sale.

The dark side of the ‘green economy’

Everywhere you look these days, things are turning green. In Chiapas, Mexico, indigenous farmers are being paid to protect the last vast stretch of rainforest in Mesoamerica. In the Brazilian Amazon, peasant families are given a monthly “green basket” of basic food staples to allow them to get by without cutting down trees. In Kenya, small farmers who plant climate-hardy trees and protect green zones are promised payment for their part in the fight to reduce global warming.

Confronting corporate power in the food system

The article below first appeared at The Conversation on September 11. Claire Parfitt is a research student at the University of Sydney. She is affiliated with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and is a coordinator of the People's Food Plan project.


Lawson: Screening of 'Bimblebox'

Transition mid-Mountains film night, screening Bimblebox.
Tuesday, August 28, 7.30 pm.
Lawson Bowling Club, 2 Loftus St., Lawson.
Entry $5-$10.

Event date: 
Tue, 28/08/2012 - 7:30pm
Event time: 
Tue, 28/08/2012 - 7:30pm

Venezuela: Rural workers march for Chavez

Thousands of peasant workers took to the streets of Caracas on July 26 to hand over a list of programmatic suggestions to the government and show their support for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

More than 2000 peasant activists from across 18 of Venezuela’s states took part in the march, as well as other members of the national popular movement who attended in solidarity.

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Venezuela: Food sovereignty starts to take root

Venezuela: Food sovereignty starts to take root

Arriving in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, the first thing you notice is the extensive swathes of mountainside covered with poorly built, crowded, ad-hoc homes ― known locally as the barrios.

Caracas’s shanty-town barrios were built in response to the influx of migrants from the countryside during the 20th century. As Venezuela struck oil in the 1920s, it became easier and cheaper to use oil money to import foodstuffs. Many small farmers lost their livelihoods and poured into the capital in search of work.

Paraguay: Multinationals reap benefits from coup government

In a speech marking the one month anniversary of the parliamentary coup that overthrow left-leaning Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, the ousted leader said on July 22 that a motivating interest for the coup-plotters was a sought-after deal between Paraguay and Montreal-based mining company, Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA).

“Those who pushed for the coup are those who want to solidify the negotiations with the multinational Rio Tinto Alcan, betraying the energetic sovereignty and interests of our country,” Lugo told supporters.

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