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March against Monsanto: Food freedom not GMOs

Over 1000 people - organisers said 1600 - marched through the streets of Perth in opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the company Monsanto (which is one of the foremost proponents of GMO technology).

The rally was one of more than 400 actions that took place in over 60 countries as part of a global day of action.

Brisbane to join global March against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto Brisbane said that on May 25, hundreds of people will gather to protest as part of a global day of action for “March Against Monsanto”. The global event is being held in more than 49 countries with more than 370 events and 2 million people marching worldwide.

March Against Monsanto - global day of action

Part of a global day of action called by Occupy Monsanto, this rally will protest GMO's and GMO giant Monsanto. Take a stand for food sovereignty, farmers' and consumers' rights, environmental protection, healthy food and strict labelling, against damaging herbicides, genetically modified crops, Monsanto and the lack of action by federal and state governments.

Gather Parliament House, Harvest Tce, West Perth. March through Perth CBD to Russell Square, Northbridge.

Organised by FOOD Watch and We Say No To GMOs.

Event date: 
Sat, 25/05/2013 - 2:00pm
Event time: 
Sat, 25/05/2013 - 2:00pm

Western Sydney drinking water still threatened by CSG

“Last month’s announcements by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and federal energy minister Tony Burke on coal seam gas mining far from guarantee the health of western Sydney’s water”, said local anti-CSG campaigner, Fred Fuentes.

“Since those announcements, ‘No CSG Blacktown’ has been told that under licence 463, which is held by Macquarie Energy and covers Eastern Creek, right next to the Parramatta LGA, drilling is definitely to go ahead.”

Indian left party insists: 'Stop corporate plunder!'

Australian politicians often describe India as “the world’s biggest democracy”. The reality is somewhat different.

I found this out when I attended the ninth congress of the Communist Party of India-Marxist Leninist (CPI-ML) from April 2-7. Two CPI-ML members were killed in the lead-up to the congress.

Secretive Pacific 'free trade' deal threat to poor, planet

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has the potential to become the largest “free trade” deal in the world. Negotiations began in Melbourne in March 2010, involving Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and the US. The combined GDP of these countries was about US$20.7 trillion in 2011. Japan is now close to being accepted into the negotiations.

Lock the Gate eyes federal election

This statement was released by Lock the Gate on March 7


The Lock the Gate Alliance launched its federal election campaign today by taking demands for national law reform on coal and gas mining to federal parliamentarians across Australia.

The “Call to Country” incorporates a passionate plea for protecting Australians and the environment from the current onslaught of irresponsible mining as well as a program of legislative reform to address this issue.

In brief: Coke trashes recycling scheme

DARWIN — Coca-Cola has forced the Northern Territory government to scrap its 10c deposit recycling scheme.

The scheme was introduced in January last year, but Coca-Cola, Schweppes Australia and Lion Pty Ltd took the NT government to the federal court.

The federal court ruled on March 4 in favour of the beverage companies, which challenged the recycling scheme on the basis that it was “costly and ineffective” and added 10 cents to the retail price.

Coca-Cola said "Australian families do not deserve to be slugged with yet another cost of living increase”.

How we can defeat the CSG goliath

The arrest on February 6 of an Indigenous elder and another Githabul traditional owner on a coal seam gas (CSG) blockade should act as a siren call to all those concerned about our future.

They were arrested along with farmers and other Lock the Gate campaigners for mounting a blockade at Doubtful Creek in northern NSW to stop CSG company Metgasco carrying out test drills.

See also: White paper reveals gas industry scared of global protests

Venezuela moves towards fairer food system

It’s a warm night in the small village of Chuao in Venezuela. Dozens of children are playing in the square in front of the old colonial church, and a local man, beating a drum he holds between his knees, sings: “This is the taste of my cocoa. This is what we have, we black people of Chuao.”

The people of Chuao, descendants of Africans brought to Venezuela’s coast as slaves by the Spanish, have been growing cocoa for more than 400 years.

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