Refugee Rights Action Network WA

Nimalakaran Sinnakkili called for permanent protection for the remaining refugees and asylum seekers living in the community or imprisoned in detention centres in Australia and Nauru.

Deaths in Custody Watch Committee WA and Refugee Rights Action Network WA released this joint statement on August 10. * * * Every afternoon at 4pm on Nauru, asylum seeking adults and children stage a peaceful protest at the gate of the OPC3 family camp, which they have done since March 20 (Palm Sunday). Four weeks into their protest, refugees in the RPC3 camp opposite joined them.

Refugee Rights Action Network WA hosts 'Human Rights Day: Working Towards a More Just Future' in the City of Stirling.
This Human Rights Day, you’re invited to join us in a workshop/discussion around how we can organise in our communities and work alongside refugees and people seeking asylum towards a more just future. While we continue to resist forces that attempt to deny dignity and hope, we must also work towards an alternative vision of what our communities could look like.

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