A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

Jailed Pussy Riot Member Maria Alyokhina Hospitalised After Hunger Strike

Domestic abuser Chris Brown Potentially Facing 4 Years Jail Following Fender Bender

New Report To US Congress Suggests IP Thieves Be Legally Targeted By Malware

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Allow Music To Be Used In New $6 Million SA Tourism Campaign

A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

Why *did* it cost Angelina Jolie $3000 to test for BRCA1 in the first place? Because the gene is owned by a private company

18-Year-Old Aspiring Rapper Facing Terrorism Charges After Posting Lyrics On Facebook

Dark Mofo Festival's Mass Skinny Dip Deemed Obscene By Police

A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

US singer Steve Earle says coal seam gas is not 'natural gas'.

Rekindle The Spirit - Ken Loach’s newest film documents the greatest cultural shift in British working class...

Rapper Seth Sentry Saves Paralympian Fan From Angry Mob

Community Radio "May Be Forced To Shut Down” After Being Ignored In Federal Budget

A selection of this week's politically-relevant entertainment news...

Snoop Lion Defaces Defenceless Barack Obama With New Snoopify App

Unmanned Drones To Deliver Delicious Beverage Relief To Punters At Music Festival

As I Lay Dying Singer Arrested Under Suspicion Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Wife

Rapper Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months Jail For Unpaid Taxes

Singer Charli XCX Says Sexism Makes Collaborations Tough

A selection of this week's politically-relevant celebrity news...

Rebel Diaz Arts Collective finds new home

Cuban video game recreates revolutionary history

Pussy Riot member denied early release from prison:

Hear the new Neon Neon concept album about Italian publisher and leftwing activist Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.

Rapper Danny Brown Gets Oral Sex On Stage, Continues Rapping

A selection of this week's celebrity news...

Talib Kweli: Rapper says of Boston bombing, 'violence begets violence'.

Lauryn Hill To Record New Music To Pay Tax Bill?

Yoko Ono To Unveil Not-For-Profit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Flavor Flav Court Hearing Postponed For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

Rolf Harris Named As Man Arrested In British Sex Abuse Case

A selection of this week's celebrity news...

Fall Out Boy To Donate Ticket Sales To Boston Bombing Victims

Angela Betzien talks about her play on how communities are hit by mining

Musicians Send Their Love To Boston In Wake Of Marathon Bombing

BBC Refuses To Play 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' In Countdown

Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank Would Have Been A "Belieber"

The “Big Four” record companies, already responsible for more than 80% of album sales on the planet, may be on the verge of becoming the “Big Three”.

On May 6, Warner Music Group was sold to Ukrainian-American tycoon Leonard Blavatnik.

Warner is the world's third largest record company. Blavatnik ― the world's 80th richest man ― is also rumored to have his sights set on number four EMI.

If that sale comes to pass, it will create the largest music label in history.

Sound Strike is an organisation of musicians across the United States who oppose the extremely racist SB 1070 law in Arizona that targets migrants. Sound Strike artists have pledged to support the international boycott of Arizona until the law’s repeal.

The organisation is planning to release “Sound Strike Songs”, a series of exclusive collections of songs that will be sold at

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