Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)

People will be ushering in the New Year, hoping that the “shit year that was 2020” can be put behind. But not for 330,000 people, who will be pushed into poverty when the next coronavirus supplement is cut, writes Peter Boyle.

Jim McIlroy writes the federal government is moving to extend the stigmatising cashless debit card, handing responsibility for vulnerable sectors to a private company.

It is fast becoming a recognised fact — almost a truism — that the Newstart Allowance is too low. For unemployed people trying to get by on about $300 a week ($277 without rent assistance, $227 for those under 21), this is not news.

This image captured Labor’s class betrayal on July 3, the first day of the new federal parliament, when it voted with the Coalition government for tax cuts for the rich.

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