Seventy-eight percent of Chileans voted “” on October 25 for a new constitution, paving the way for a new era in the country’s history and a possible break from the structures enshrined by the fascist dictator, writes Alan MacLeod.

Supporters of the Rojava Revoluton in north and east Syria will commemorate the sixth anniversary of World Kobane Day on November 1, writes Peter Boyle.

Ahead of the United States election, President Donald Trump’s administration has effectively given up on controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Barry Sheppard.

Interview with Federico Fuentes about the Bolivian elections, the role and character of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and why the coup was defeated.

The Spanish state's relentless pursuit of Catalan independence activists suffered a big hit on October 19, when, by a two-to-one majority, the National High Court found former Catalan police chief Josep Lluís Trapero and his three fellow defendants not guilty on all charges, reports Dick Nichols.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders from many organisations and alliances have expressed strong support for Nigerian students and working people in their #EndSARS protests against state violence, reports Malik Miah.

The dictatorship of voracious and extractivist capitalism uses the laws of the state and its idea of “progress” to justify jailing Mapuche defenders of the land, writes Daniel Minchekewün.

Green Left speaks to Federico Fuentes, a contributor to Green Left on Latin American politics, about the overwhelming victory for the Movement Towards Socialism and the defeat of last year's right-wing coup in the recent elections in Bolivia.

Green Left sits down with Fightback – Aotearoa/Australia activist Ani White to discuss the recent New Zealand elections and the meaning of NZ Labour's landslide victory under Jacinda Ardern.

The sit-ins that took place in early October in Gilgit-Baltistan, demanding the release of ecosocialist activist Baba Jan and 13 other political prisoners, as well as justice for the victims of police brutality, have ignited a political movement crossing gender and religious divides, write Sonia Qadir and Haider Ali.


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