A US court has delivered a major win to Indigenous organisers and climate activists — and a significant blow to the fossil fuel industry and the Trump administration, writes Jessica Corbett, by ordering the Dakota Access Pipeline be shut down and emptied of oil by August. 5, so that regulators can conduct an environmental review of the project.

The following statement was issued by the Asia-Pacific Venezuela Solidarity Network. The statement was adopted at a regional solidarity forum held on July 5, which marks the day, in 1811, when Venezuela declared its independence from Spanish colonial rule.

The second round of the French local elections, held at the end of June, was bad news for President Emanuel Macron, writes John Mullen. Macron's austerity agenda has been met with mass workers' mobilisations, and a new radical anti-racist, anti-colonial movement is growing in response to police violence.

In mid-June Turkey launched yet another large-scale air and ground operation in northern Iraq aimed at crippling the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), writes Dave Holmes. But they are facing strong resistance.

US President Donald Trump is doubling down on his race war agenda, while Democratic party mayors are succumbing to pressure and seeking to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement, writes Malik Miah.

Members of the Irish Green Party voted overwhelmingly to enter a coalition with the two traditionally dominant centre-right parties on June 26, thereby firmly cementing the Greens as a party of neoliberalism, writes Emma Clancy.

A new wave of bombings is just the latest episode in Turkey's war against the Kurdish people, writes Chris Slee.

John Bellamy Foster argues that understanding how the transmission of viruses between species occurs is crucial to grasping the full dimensions of the overall metabolic crisis affecting humanity.

A new study estimates the economic shock from the COVID-19 pandemic could add a further 80–400 million people to the 727.3 million already living in extreme poverty around the world, writes Peter Boyle.

Cira Pascual Marquina interviews former Venezuelan Vice President for Productive Economy Luis Salas about the impact of US sanctions on the Venezuelan economy and the Maduro government’s economic policy responses.


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