By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Environmentalism as the fascism of our time? In the west, such charges are heard commonly enough in corporate boardrooms — but not in the pages of "quality" daily newspapers. In Russia things are different.
By Christoph Meyer We must not row the canoe — this is Gewai and Sowegi's task; we are guests. We sit on the platform of the outrigger doing nothing, while the mangroves at the edge of the lagoon pass endlessly. The tropical midday sun is
By Jack Colhoun WASHINGTON — A congressional investigation has revealed that backing by key Bush administration officials for arms shipments to Iraq before the Gulf War may have been in pursuit of the officials' private interests. House
By David Easter The Bush administration is placing North Korea ever higher on its enemies list, despite Pyongyang's sweeping concessions on the volatile issue of nuclear proliferation. The Pentagon cited the Korean peninsula as a likely war
Oil for Cuba MEXICO CITY, April 3 — The Mexican solidarity campaign "Va por Cuba" is seeing off a shipment of some 80,000 litres of diesel fuel to the island this Sunday. The gesture marks the beginning of a series of oil donations from
By Mike Karadjis Four women have been arrested in Athens for handing out leaflets supporting self-determination for the Macedonian people and opposing the chauvinist hysteria which has gripped Greece in recent months. The four were handing
By Reihana Mohideen Japan has been the "economic miracle". Everywhere it turned, it conquered markets; its "recessions" would have been considered semi-booms by most of its competitors. From 1986 to 1990 it outgrew every other OECD nation every
By Laszlo Andor BUDAPEST — Following persistent attempts by the ruling Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) to concentrate more power in its own hands, key figures in the Hungarian liberal intelligentsia signed a Democratic Charter summarising
Campaign for Kenyan political prisoners By Norm Dixon A spokesperson for the Release Political Prisoners Pressure Group (RPP), Njoroge Murimi, in an appeal sent to Green Left Weekly, has called on the international community to withhold aid
By Peter Annear in Prague The victory of Salih Berisha's Democratic Party in the country's second general election in 12 months marks the opening of a new stage in Albanian politics. The conservative victory signals the failure of reforms begun


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