Walk into any office in the former German Democratic Republic, and you are likely to find what the locals sarcastically call a "besser Wessi" — distinguishable by dress, accent and size of pay cheque — there to teach the "Ossis" how to do
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In the first half of June, peasants in numerous regions of the Russian Federation were threatening strike action against the consequences of the Yeltsin government's "reforms". Meetings of agricultural workers in
Indonesian report banned The Indonesian government has banned a report by a leading human rights group on the trial of rebels in the northern Sumatran province of Aceh. The report by the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) was banned on June 16
EC rejects US anti-Cuban bill The European Community has announced it will not accept the extension of US territorial jurisdiction over its member nations. In a letter issued to the US State Department last April and circulated on June 19 by
Anti-gay law in Nicaragua On June 11, Nicaragua's National Assembly passed Latin America's most repressive sodomy law. The Sandinista bloc opposed the law but was outvoted by the right-wing forces of the pro-US UNO coalition. By 43 votes to
The African National Congress on June 21 suspended negotiations with the white minority government following the massacre of 39 people in Boipatong township. The Boipatong killings appear as part of a pattern of government-sponsored violence,
The Urals region is one of the main industrial centres of Russia. However, its social infrastructure lags behind that of cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg, while such industrial centres of the region as Yekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk),
Australian military surveillance is helping the Papua New Guinea Defence Force to blockade Bougainville by providing information on boats attempting to get through the blockade, according to a Bougainville provisional government representative in
Nuclear cuts reflect changing US strategy By Steve Painter The latest US-Russian nuclear arms cuts, announced by presidents Bush and Yeltsin in Washington on June 16, reflect a continuing move by the US towards armaments more suitable to its
By Michael Karadjis and Sue Bull SYDNEY — "Human life is very cheap in India. Democracy has been reduced to a farce", according to K.G. Kannabiran, president of the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee. Speaking to about 50 people at


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